What inspires me is y’all.

What inspires me in Raleigh is y’all. I’ve crisscrossed District D talking to neighbors in Renaissance Park, Trailwood, Method, Buck Jones, Glenwood South, Forest Park, Carolina Pines, Caraleigh, Boylan Heights, University Park, Cameron Village, Umstead Park, Westover, the list goes on.

I’m learning about what’s important to our unique neighborhoods. Neighbors have told me about living on a fixed income, worrying about rising property taxes. They want to see truly affordable housing in the city.

Other folks are thinking about stormwater infrastructure – how can we improve it? One neighbor showed me her rain garden. She received a rebate from the city to install it. There are desires for traffic calming, reliable public transportation, & meaningful community engagement.

I even met crop & soil scientist Dr. Wendell Gilliam, professor emeritus at NC State University. This is a special connection as he was a colleague of my stepdad soil chemist Dr. Terry Logan who taught me so much about our environment and responsibility to one another.

I want to give a big shout out to our campaign team that makes all this possible. These are some of the many folks who are knocking doors, doing grassroots fundraising, and simply telling their neighbors why this election matters. A huge thanks to: Matt, Bruce, Donna, Khadija, Anna, Win, Ember, Will, Whitney, Hunter, Billy, Linda, Jay, Steve, Russ, Don, Vivian, Lee, Kaitlyn, Chris, Patrick, Jerri, Larry, Pat, Danny, Dee, Yevonne, the list goes on. I am beyond grateful for your support.

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