Keeping Lake Johnson clean

I had a great time with Lake Johnson staff and community to clean up the lake. This annual NC Big Sweep event helps to keep Lake Johnson water clean and free of debris. The City of Raleigh partners with Foothills Brewing and the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation Department to make the event possible.Continue reading “Keeping Lake Johnson clean”

Athens Drive Community Library is open.

Thanks to everyone who supports Athens Drive Community Library! Neighbors came together and worked with the Wake County Public Libraries and Wake County Public School System to re-open the library. Effective Wednesday, August 25, we can enter the library, browse for books, use a public computer, and pick up books on reserve. Visitors ages 5+Continue reading “Athens Drive Community Library is open.”

Green Infrastructure

Significant investments in green stormwater infrastructure are needed in Raleigh. Green infrastructure helps us prepare for disruptive weather and protect our water resources. It also provides greenspace for public enjoyment. Green infrastructure uses natural and built landscape features to capture and soak up rainwater. The issue is that impervious surfaces – roads, sidewalks, parking lots,Continue reading “Green Infrastructure”