Raleigh should be a sanctuary city

It was a great, fierce and loving crowd last night. We took to the streets to protest the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and limit women’s freedom and autonomy. We must voice dissent when our rights are at risk.

Raleigh should be a sanctuary city for those seeking reproductive healthcare. Other cities like Washington, D.C., Oakland, CA, and Olympia, WA have already become sanctuary cities and other communities are considering the same.

Although abortion is still legal in North Carolina, this right is in danger. If the NC General Assembly proposed a ban on abortion, only the Governor stands in their way. We must support pro-choice candidates statewide and nationally.

So what can Raleigh really do if we don’t make the laws? Being a reproductive healthcare sanctuary city could entail the following:

  • Lend support to a federal law codifying abortion rights
  • Press the county and state for more clinic funding
  • Prevent cooperation with investigations from other states trying to prosecute people who come to Raleigh for reproductive care
  • Protect safety and privacy of local clinics and patients, implementing noise and distance buffers
  • Extend the designation to broadly protect human rights at risk, including those seeking services for gender-affirming care or contraception, as well as those facing potential restrictions to gay marriage

Let’s be a safe haven for our residents and those visiting our city.

Photo Credit: Travis Long, News & Observer

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