Rezoning decisions

Rezoning decisions are challenging and complex. In each rezoning case, I examine our comprehensive plan, relevant local area plans, reports from staff, recommendations from planning commission, input from adjacent neighbors, and viewpoints from diverse constituencies across the city. Two large rezoning cases were decided by city council on Tuesday 5/2. I provide my reasoning inContinue reading “Rezoning decisions”

Lessons from Denver

Raleigh City Council traveled to Denver, Colorado (pop. 700,000) to learn best practices, as well as challenges faced in another rapidly growing metropolitan area. Big thanks to Raleigh Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this intercity visit. We learned a lot! Read HERE for some of my takeaways. Visit to sign up for these monthlyContinue reading “Lessons from Denver”

March Updates

Hello friends, always great to hear from you! As a member of Raleigh City Council, I am tasked with taking care of the everyday needs of our community. My decision making is grounded in listening with compassion and applying thoughtful reasoning to our collective challenges. Stay in touch and please read my March email updates HERE. You can alwaysContinue reading “March Updates”

January 2023

Anyone else have a fast and full January? Below are a few Raleigh City Council highlights from the beginning of 2023. If you have a constituent need, please email for assistance. City Council Retreat We had an information-filled 2-day retreat – an opportunity to learn about key staff initiatives and begin policy discussion onContinue reading “January 2023”

Raleigh City Council: December 2022

It’s been less than a month since being sworn in on December 5, 2022. I intend to write monthly updates from my viewpoint as a District D councilor to keep y’all informed on our activities. Hope this is helpful! Swearing in Ceremony 12/5/22 Our new council of eight was sworn in at Raleigh Union Station.Continue reading “Raleigh City Council: December 2022”

Housing Markets are Segmented, Implications for Policy

The following discussion is a summary of the article ‘Why Voters Haven’t Been Buying the Case For Building” by Rick Jacobus at Shelterforce. He describes research from economists Jerome Rothenberg and George Galster on urban housing markets. Read the full article here: Why are lower-income people, and even middle-income people, unlikely to benefit fromContinue reading “Housing Markets are Segmented, Implications for Policy”