Heritage Park matters.

Heritage Park matters. This is what one Raleigh resident told me last night.

Heritage Park is a public housing community in District D. I met with the Heritage Park Resident Council to hear about the issues on their mind. They are asking who will get to live in the tall buildings of Raleigh. They are concerned about unsustainable wages, outdated and unhealthy living conditions, being able to stay in their neighborhood.

I am on a listening tour throughout the district, with the intent to talk to everyone. No matter your income level, issue, or political leanings. I look forward to meeting you.

The Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) manages Heritage Park and five other rent subsidized developments in District D. They manage 17 across Raleigh. RHAs mission is to provide safe, quality, affordable housing to low and moderate income families in the greater Raleigh community.

The occupancy rate for public housing in Raleigh is 99+% and the Section 8 voucher program is 100%. There is a waiting list for both programs.

RHA plans to rebuild Heritage Park to better serve low- to moderate-income families with new energy efficient, more spacious and modern apartments. Some residents look forward to these improvements. Others are wondering what will happen to them during the re-construction process. I will be there to find out, and support their needs.

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