Spring Updates

Flying the plane as we build it, such is the effort of the City of Raleigh. Please read below for where we are headed.

Some of our recent best

In February, we made critical investments for community members in need, including more than $4 million in funding for affordable housing, prevention of homelessness, and support for the newly launched Wake Legal Support Center. This includes monies for zero-interest, forgivable loans up to $30,000 to low-income longtime homeowners for necessary repairs and maintenance in addition to land purchases and construction of affordable housing. The Legal Support Center will offer free consultation to residents navigating the court system. This is a game changer for those who can’t hire an attorney. We also approved several rezoning cases that provide transitional and permanent affordable housing. 

City Council moved forward on a community engagement plan that restores access to meeting places for CACs (citizen advisory councils) and puts us on a path towards a more comprehensive community engagement network. I’m excited for more community groups to have the resources they need to operate across the city with early, frequent opportunities for input on city policy. Needed conversations were also had about the future of zoning and land use with a series of missing middle discussions. City staff will provide discussion summaries and recommendations to Council on next steps this spring.

And our struggles

We lost the life of an individual in police custody: Darryl Tyree Williams. We will review police policies in light of this incident and police violence in Memphis. Council Member Mary Black motioned forward a committee to be established under the leadership of the City’s Human Resources Commission who will take on this task.

A mental health crisis quietly rages through our City, and this nation. Five students at NC State University have committed suicide this school year. Many are still feeling the impacts of the pandemic, challenged by rising costs of living, and facing isolation. I am committed to working with our local partners to prevent such tragedy and appreciate NC State’s commitment to a culture of care. Learn about their Mental Health Task Force and recommendations for improving student well-being HERE

We continue to hear about the need for housing across the city. At public comment during council meetings, individuals bravely step forward to tell us their experiences of homelessness. A college student told us how she lives in a hotel with her young ‘superhero’ son. She finds great joy in their life together despite the struggles. We tackle the need for affordable housing over and over again and still our actions are insufficient. The need is too great, and our tools are not yet sharp enough.

My hope is that even when we get off course and go slow, you will fly with us. When we are saddled with more weight than we carry, I ask for your grace as we struggle to lift off. I share some recent successes and struggles to be real with you. I appreciate your deep passion for the community and world we share. I believe in the power of working in concert. With you, I am sincerely hopeful we are on the right track.

Enjoy the calm skies and beautiful spring weather!

P.S. Thanks to our esteemed City Manager Marchell Adams-David for the plane metaphors. She is a fabulous pilot!

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